Sunday, June 04, 2023

Schnormeier Gardens for a nice summer trip

 Ohio's 'secret garden' filled with Asian treasures |

This might be a nice trip to take this summer as we check out the places we've been missing these last 50 years. We're at Lakeside right now, but soon we'll be free to explore.

Schnormeier Gardens | Japanese Style Garden in Gambier, OH

Dining near the garden - Schnormeier Gardens

"The focal point of the property is a spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home. This private residence was completed in 1994. Other structures on the property include a Japanese teahouse, garden house, Chinese pavilion and arched bridge. An ever growing collection of unique sculptures are also located on the grounds.

Our gardens have a distinct Asian flavor and feature a variety of plantings rich in color and texture. Rare conifers are plentiful here. Large boulders and stone walls add dimension and contrast to the landscape. Designed with a bold vision and attention to detail, the gardens offer delightful viewing in any season."

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