Saturday, June 03, 2023

Tara Reade and Russia

Tara Reade, one of the women who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, has decided to seek asylum and citizenship in Russia. Well, they were calling her a Russian agent anyway, so that will certainly ramp that up. She was interviewed by Megyn Kelly, who also interviewed her several years when the scandal (ignored by media and Democrats) broke. She seems terribly naive about Russia--says it is beautiful and she's never felt so free. I believe her about Biden, she even filed a complaint and told people at the time (Democrats say to always believe the woman unless she's reporting on one of their own), but she's pretty dumb about Russia. It's not just Putin. Russia has had such a long run of terrible, awful leaders from before recorded history, that I can't imagine anyone seeking citizenship there. Do they even have an immigration policy? Who breaks into Russia?

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