Friday, June 02, 2023

Gender dysphoria and population

Gender dysphoric people are rare (less than 1%), but among those who are children and seeking a solution that will change their bodies to fit in with the current fad, 80% are girls. Cross sex hormones and genital and breast surgery will make them sterile.

The fertility rate in the U.S. is below replacement, the sperm count for men all over the world is dropping mysteriously, and chemical abortions in the U.S. requiring no medical supervision are at an all-time high, further endangering the wombs of women. You can't fix this with immigration, which is the latest form of colonialism and slave labor, leaving other countries drained of brains and brawn.

Democrats are the new flat earth society led by prosecutors trained in the methods of the Salem Witch Trials. They are blind to what they are doing by pathologizing this condition and eager to destroy our country. They are so terrified to swim against the LGBTQ tide that even those whose brains still function, go along with the BIG LIE.

The LGs have been taken over by the BTQ+xyz group, and it has spread.  My doctor's office now says my sex was assigned. Formerly respected journals now refuse any real information that confirms biological sex. Species confusion, trans-humanism is chasing at the heels of the chest feeders. Huffington Post reported on that almost a decade ago, so don't think this is about civil rights, or "finding" a true identity. We bought into the "it's all about love," or "it doesn't matter what adults do." Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  

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