Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Our taxes pay to glorify a cult--21 federal agencies

This is disgusting. I want my money back. 
  • Are there no homeless on the streets? 
  • Are there no 18 year olds aging out of foster care? 
  • Are there no rivers to clean up? 
  • Does Flint have clean water yet? 
  • Are there no forests that need a controlled burn? 
  • Are there no parks that need lights replaced? 
  • Are there no potholes in DC that could be repaired? 
  • Are there no pre-schools that need appropriate children's books? 
  • Are there no babies to save from the abortionist cabal?
Surely our taxes can do better than paying to advertise a religious cult. Talk to any gay man or lesbian and you'll find out this is not about them, it's about transagenda.

Examples: Taxpayer Dollars Fund Federal Pride Month Celebrations (dailysignal.com)
"Department of Education: Rather than focus on increasing the overall math, science, or literary scores of American children, the Department of Education decided it was more important to create this pride post on Twitter: “Our message to LGBTQI+ students, teachers, and staff as we begin #PrideMonth: ED has got your back.”" ED also means erectile disfunction, something the children they are maiming will have as adults.

"The Smithsonian Museums: The taxpayer-funded museums offer a lineup of LGBTQ events for the month of June, including sexuality talks and “drag story hours” featuring “drag queens” reading books to children." Although called a "non-profit" (over 1.5 Billion income) this clump of many museums gets over half its funding from the government and enjoys all the special perks of government agencies, including obscene salaries for its executives.

"Veterans Affairs: Under the theme “We All Have a Seat at the Table,” the United States Department of Veterans Affairs is holding its third annual “virtual Pride Month.” This monthlong event features online seminars on topics that include “A Legal Guide to LGBTQ Couples,” “Healthcare and Fertility Preservation for Transgender Patients,” and “A Clinical Guide to Gender-Affirming Prosthetics,” to name a few. " Gender affirming Prosthetics? I guess that's fake breasts so veterans can prance around the White House with naked chests during Pride Month.

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