Friday, June 02, 2023

Chick-fil-A and DEI

No one ever objected to Chick-fil-A having gay, black, Asian, female or atheist employees. It helped them build their brand as Christians. Chicken and good service for all. Just as Jesus offers salvation for all as a gift, and not by force and offers an opportunity to love your neighbor through service. But now it has created a DEI department, which is just a trinitarian formula for a cult that promotes anger, hate, and the religion of division. They've submitted to the corporate cronyism that is the hallmark of the Biden Administration. I've never eaten there--not even a nugget of chicken, if they have that. I guess that opportunity has passed me by. This is not like Amazon, McDonald's or Ohio State having bloated DEI departments, committees and task forces at every level. Chick-fil-A was openly proud of its Christian roots and philosophy. 

DEI is a religious cult (aka DIE). 
DEI is anti-life (pro-abortion); 
anti-woman (destroys women's safe spaces, sports, careers); 
anti-capitalism (submitting to ESG, an invention of Community China);
anti-American (teaches destruction of the free-market); 

You can't be woke/dei-ist and love America and Jesus. Don't bend the knee for Caesar.

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