Sunday, June 18, 2023

The fast fall of Fox

Although I haven't watched Fox News since Tucker was fired, I did hear from Matt Walsh that the 8 p.m. time slot has dropped from 1st to 41st. The women running Fox apparently were put there to destroy it. Owners must have their own supply of money independent of their investment. Fox not only hates its viewers, but also its employees. They are required to see "reeducation" messages and attend classes on LGBTQ sex and depravity. Things that would get anyone fired in the workplace. Years ago, I had a gay boss and a trans employee--they were honorable people who would be horrified by what is going on. Fox management pushes porn on its staff. I suppose it is a ploy to get them to resign, but those folks have mortgages, college debt, and church pledges to pay, so only the most screwed up, kinky or privately wealthy will stay. Sorry to see it. I loved the Fox ladies at noon and the Five. Meanwhile, Tucker continues spilling the beans on all our media sources. Episode 4 was on Biden's methods to destroy our Constitutional election process. Jail his opponent for "crimes" he Biden has committed. Banana Republic. We be it.

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