Tuesday, June 20, 2023

From the Ross Report, an investment newsletter

"It is very clear we are now in a situation where the Democrats will do anything to win, and to destroy their opposition. The timing of announcing the indictment was set to offset the evening news about the FBI memo on Biden so the mainstream media could ignore the Biden story. It is clear the Biden family has been bribed, and is totally corrupt. The guy who bribed Joe has it on tape. The Ukrainian accountant for Burisma who had direct knowledge suddenly died. It is clear the Clintons are very dirty and Hilary should be in jail. She had the illegal server and destroyed evidence under subpoena, but she walked away. The Clintons pocketed tens of millions in what were essentially bribes run through the foundation. It is just a question of, is Biden dirtier than the Clintons?  Obama took docs and refused to turn them over -no action against him. The nation has now become a corrupt cesspool controlled by very dangerous people who will stop at nothing to retain power and destroy those who try to stop them.

While there have been corrupt people in power before, and other underhanded acts, this series of attacks on Trump and phony claims like Russia Gate, and the impeachments, are the worst in modern history. It rivals the Continental Congress [which] tried to undermine Washington at Valley Forge to get rid of him. It is far from clear where this goes. Much of the charges against Trump in this latest attack are going to get dismissed as they come under the civil law of the Records Act. The one place he has a real issue is his intentional obstruction, and the showing of material to reporters.

The Durham report is damning about how the Democrats, and the FBI, and DOJ schemed to get Trump, but it is unfortunate he never brought indictments. Why we do not know. What we did see was the mainstream media push aside Durham as nothing new when in fact, it is a massive scandal. The nation is in a very dangerous place now, and how all of this unfolds, and who will be the next president is totally unclear. With the mainstream media covering up for Biden, and all out attacking Trump like they did with Russia, it is unclear what the vast number of voters will understand about what is really happening. The media continue to be heavily biased and dishonest. I believe this case will harm Trump with enough voters that he will not be the nominee. One of his most diehard supporters told me yesterday even he has had it with Trump. Barr has explained that he did not indict Biden because at that time there was barely any real evidence and it was still being investigated, and so he turned it over to a US Attorney to dig in. Then he left office and the Biden White House has managed to bury the FBI investigation. Barr did not determine there was no case as has been falsely stated by some Democrats and the press. Truth was the opposite. He did not have near enough then to indict Joe. That is all changed now with the Republicans pursuing what DOJ did not pursue." Ross Report, June 19, 2023

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