Thursday, June 15, 2023

Jason Whitlock speaks out on Garth Brooks' message

 Excerpt from a longer message: Whitlock: Garth Brooks befriends the fallen angel in the lowest place - TheBlaze

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion form a false religion. It’s a religion designed to supplant the word of God.

Diversity is not a solution to America’s problems or anyone’s. It’s an excuse and a tool for elites to pursue power. Diversity favors the people born into power and wealth. They decide who gets elevated based on the whims of their feelings.

The hyper-focus on diverse hiring de-emphasizes qualifications and merit. An individual can make himself qualified through hard work and discipline. Merit is open to everyone. “Diversity” is completely subjective, cannot be earned, and is partially determined by sexual lifestyle choices.

Diversity promotes division and chaos among the non-elites. It incentivizes people to choose alternative identities. It undermines a culture of competition that is critical to America keeping its standing as the leader of the world."

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