Monday, June 26, 2023

Secretary Bird

We have a bird calendar on our kitchen table, and although I wouldn't say I've "learned" new birds, I've at least seen them, and often we discuss the more unusual ones. Today's is "secretarybird." Not common around here, but endemic to sub-Sahara Africa. Just had to look up this one. When I first saw it I thought it might look like a secretary with a pen in his hair, and I was close according to this video, but the name was similar and different before that time. They have the body shape and hunting instincts of eagles, but legs like storks, and can be over 4 ft. tall. Their legs are very powerful, and they can kill and eat snakes.

Yesterday Bob asked what I did with them when I tore them off, and I said I kept them, but wasn't sure (in a house already with a lot of clutter) what I'd do with them. Maybe I should learn to draw birds, he said. And so, here is a "how to" video. 

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