Friday, August 04, 2006

2727 It takes a computer

Seems that 46 inmates released as far back as 1987 appeared on the municipal jail rolls and were billed to Franklin County (Columbus, OH). They're blaming a Y2K glitch. (Toledo Blade) Oh please. What about the guys from the 80s? How did they get brought forward? Sounds like my checkbook.

And in an unrelated Ohio computer story, Ohio University (Athens, OH) has fired two employees for failing to protect the University from security breaches that exposed 367,000 files with social security numbers, names, medical records and addresses. Earlier their boss had resigned. I think there was a total of 5 break-ins. And now the auditing firm investigating it has destoyed the records according to the Columbus Dispatch. So that's a mess too. I tried to track this on Google and there were so many stories about OU's computer problems, I just gave up. Sounds like they had a lot of extra money. And in searching the inmate story I used the search term "46 inmates." Could hardly believe how many totally unrelated stories involved 46 inmates.

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Three Score and Ten or more said...

OU hasn't lost my address. This is fund raising time and I have had four phone calls and a letter.
I hope that my other data didn't go round the bend, it is scary.