Thursday, May 21, 2009 Poll

91% of Conservatives believe Obama is a Socialist, Marxist, Communist or Fascist. On-line polls are certainly not fair, balanced or authoritative. Only the people who use a particular site get to vote. Sort of like the newspaper polls from NYT or LAT and their "sources" and anecdotal evidence.

During the Bush years, the people who didn't like him screamed Nazi or Hitler because yelling "communist" would have been a compliment. But there is a very fine line between National Socialism (Nazi Germany and Italy) and Marxist Communism (USSR or China variety. The Bush haters claim it's the war--"Bush lied people died." He brought out the ladies in pink who joined forces with the greenies. Bush didn't go to war, Congress did, read the Constitution, and they were using all the evidence they had been hearing and voting on from the previous administration. There was actually great bipartisanship in 2002 and 2003--Kerry, Edwards, Kennedy, et al were all for the war and believed the intelligence about WMD. Bush was fairly elected, not with the popular vote, which he didn't win in 2000, but the electoral system which provides smaller states with a say. The county in question was heavily minority--so Democrats claimed they didn't know how to vote. They were confused. Well, whose fault was that with a Democrat machine in place? The Supreme Court didn't put him in office as the Bush-Deranged claim--it ruled on a state law of Florida. And the Bush-Deniers refused to see what was coming down the road, when the hanging chads in Florida were all swept up. Examination of all the close votes in other states--say, in Illinois where the dead Chicago democrats reappear like zombies to vote and who are probably happily receiving their stimulus checks even today. After all, they are the ones who chose Kennedy over Nixon back in 1960. If Nixon had done the right thing--demanded the same kind of endless recount Gore got--he could have saved JFK's life, but then, who would have made all those conspiracy movies?

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