Thursday, May 14, 2009

How does this save the auto industry?

Or the unions? 3,000 auto dealerships with Obama as the CEO of the auto industry will close. Thousands and thousands of people put out of work (average of 50 per dealership). Did you Democrats and RINOs and guilt ridden Republicans know what you were voting for--destroy the little guy? Here's how much Obama knows about running the auto industry. He is destroying the local tax base in thousands of communities--city, suburban and rural.
    ". . . manufacturers do not own dealerships. Independent business people do. These new car dealers have invested their money to purchase real estate, build buildings, and buy inventory, tools and equipment.

    The money invested by new car dealers provides customers with the opportunity to shop locally for new and used vehicles. These same new car dealers provide warranty, recall and repair services for the motoring public.

    These independent business people pay real estate tax, property tax, sales tax, FICA tax, income tax (state and local), and unemployment insurance. These dealers provide employment. They pay for their employees' training, health insurance and benefits.

    The dealer is the auto manufacturer's customer. That being the case, does it make any sense to claim the manufacturer's problem is that they have too many customers?" A Nebraska car dealer
Of course it makes sense to the Obama Administration! They have declared War on the Economy and on the American people.

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