Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Q. Who is not eligible for this [$250 Social Security] payment?

We are going around and around on whether I should cash the $250 "stimulus" check. I say no, my husband says yes. The government doesn't care if they sent it, only that you spent it when it wasn't yours.

A. In most cases, the following individuals will not receive the one-time payment:
Anyone living outside of the United States or its territories;
Individuals who no longer are lawfully present in the United States;
Individuals whose benefits have been suspended under the law for giving false or misleading statements;
Social Security beneficiaries who are minor children;
SSI beneficiaries who receive benefits at a reduced rate of $30 because they live in a medical treatment facility (such as a nursing home or hospital) and Medicaid pays over 50% of the cost of their care;
Individuals only entitled to Medicare and not to Social Security or SSI benefits; and
Prisoners, fugitive felons, and probation and parole violators.

I am entitled to Medicare, not to Social Security. What would you do?


Nancy said...

Well, it does say "in most cases" not "all cases." Perhaps you are one of the exception cases!

mdoneil said...

Since I work at a Big4 firm I asked around. It seems that Ohio STRS recipients will be allowed a $250 tax credit and not get a check.

Of course the SSA has a different opinion

Hope that helps a great deal :)

Either way you get something but check or take a credit on your return is a bit undecided it seems.

mdoneil said...

That did not work as well as I had hoped.

Go to
Click on questions? on the blue bar
Search for 1831 (that is the answer number)

There ya go.

Norma said...

The letter came telling me I would get it. Then the check came. I haven't cashed it. It could take years before Obama caught up with me and told me it was my mistake. Everything I've read, says those not receiving SS do not get this check.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
The $250 is unimportant. The point is it confirms our federal government frustrating ability to bungle almost every financial transaction. With this knowledge we citizens have to sit still while the federal government fritters away 3 trillion of our tax dollars and completely changes our sucessful lifestyle.
I would consider you foolish if you didn't cash that check! You will be giving it back later anyway in the form of higher taxes and the everyday cost of surviving.

Norma said...

The federal gov't doesn't mind when congress steals; but if you cash a check they sent by mistake, that's a punishable crime.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
If they arrest you I will supply bail in time for you to go to the next tea party. That's the kind of guy I am!