Monday, May 18, 2009

No torture necessary for Ol' Joe to blab secrets

Some in the media are saying no big deal. Probably the same who screamed bloody murder on the Valerie Plame blame game, when everyone already knew who she was. But for Biden to reveal the secret hiding place for the second in command. Well, that's almost as scary as contemplating the third in command, the liar, liar pants-on-fire, Pelosi. Even the most die hard conservative needs to pray for Obama's continued good health.
    "Joe Biden, the gaffe prone Vice President, has revealed the secret location of the Vice Presidential bunker. The Vice Presidential bunker has been revealed to be located under the Naval Observatory where Vice Presidents reside.

    The gaffe was reported by Newsweek's liberal correspondent Eleanor Cliff. Vice President Joe Biden apparently gave a detailed account of being taken on a tour of the Vice Presidential bunker by a Naval officer

    Joe Biden's Bunker Blunder to his dinner companions at the Gridiron Dinner, a Washington soiree attended by print journalists.

    Thus far Vice President Joe Biden's various gaffes have been amusing at best, embarrassing at worse. But the location of the Vice Presidential bunker, designed to help the Vice President and his staff ride out an attack, is classified information. The idea that Vice President Joe Biden is so unable to govern his tongue that he would blurt out classified information to a table full of reporters should be a cause for concern." AC Content
Does he drink a lot? Off his meds? And are reporters supposed to always report what they know?


Hokule'a Kealoha said...

yes we have never needed to pray more for our elected officials than we do now

Norma said...

I tried to comment on your Joe Biden gaffe post. My slow modem or server somehow didn't let me. So, here's my comment:

The man is truly dangerous. The American people are deaf, dumb and blind for putting this kind of person into their highest offices! God help us, every one.

Soapbox Jill