Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday family photo--new baby, new house 1968

When I was looking through the album I wondered why someone had sent us a beautiful bouquet. Our daughter is about 2.5 months and needed to be propped up for the camera. Then I looked closer. Sheets at the window? Pictures stacked in the corner? Yes! We'd recently moved from the apartment on Farleigh Rd. to our home on Abington Road, and someone (don't remember who) sent us flowers. We'd made an offer after one walk through during a January snow storm--first people through an open house by owner. The furnace failed in December 1967, so when we moved in we had a brand new furnace. It looks like I dressed her up just for the picture--a pink knit dress with matching booties. We lived there for 34 years.

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Anonymous said...

Her face hasn't change.