Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waterboarding Sotomayor

"The Caribbean before the landing of Columbus served almost as a bridge between the north coast of South America and Florida for the Amazonian tribes in the south and the north american inhabitants. When Christopher Columbus on his second trip in 1493 landed in Puerto Rico and claimed it for Spain, he found the island populated by as many as 60,000 Arawak or Taino indians, which for the most part, were friendly compared to the Carib indians in some of the more southerly islands which were warlike and to some degree cannibalistic.

The conquest of the island didn't take long, and the peaceful Tainos were put to the task as slaves for the purpose of mining the gold that was found on the island. The gold didn't last long and in 1511 there was an uprising of the Tainos, who up to this point had believed that the Spaniards were Gods, and took a soldier by the name of Sotomayor and dunked him head first in a river for several hours to see if he would die. Just in case, they had prepared a feast for the Spaniard if he came out alive. However, it wasn't the Spanish sword that took most of the lives of the Arawaks, but the diseases that were brought from Europe and for which the indians had no defenses."

I haven't checked the authenticity of this story--just thought it had a familiar ring.

Puerto Rico was ceded to the U.S. after the war of 1898 with Spain. It became a commonwealth of the U.S. in 1952, and hoped to become the 51st state. In any case, Sonia Sotomayor isn't the daughter of immigrants, but citizens.


Susan said...

It is too bad "we" are not allowed to protest her nomination. Forget about empathy and citizenship, etc. Sounds like she is INCOMPETENT!!!! You would think that would be enough to ditch her regardless of ideology!

Norma said...

But she is a 2-fer, 3-fer. Dare not criticize or ask for credentials. Oh, and remember how Dems screamed that Justice Thomas was not qualified? That he was chosen because of his race? What they really meant was, he wasn't a Democrat and had escaped the liberal plantation and wouldn't say "yes suh" to the right people.

Norma said...

Nice to have you back, Susan.

Anonymous said...

"some degree cannibalistic"

Is that like "a little bit pregnant?"