Monday, May 11, 2009

Things you never thought you'd have to defend

Isn't this just the dumbest?
    "Prejean's brief reign [Miss California USA pageant] has been clouded by controversy over semi-nude photos and her comments on gay marriage. She made national headlines last month when during the Miss USA pageant she said that marriage should be between a man and woman."
Sixty percent of Ohioans do not favor legalizing same sex marriage, and it's probably about that high on the left coast. In states where it comes up for a vote instead of being railroaded through by the courts, most people believe thousands of years of history and hundreds of cultures probably got it right. And semi-nude? Have you been to the beach lately--or even the coffee shop in the summer? What exactly is semi-nude these days? I saw a quick shot of what Trump expected these ladies to prance across the stage in so he could make more money with a larger audience--mostly men, and it certainly fit my definition of "semi-nude." The screens didn't go black. No one rushed the stage in outrage to throw them a towel. Nothing that could bounce was held back. Nancy Pelosi probably has more fake parts than Miss Prejean, and certainly lies about more important things.

This is so obviously a smear against her because of her "traditional" views--the same views that are expressed by the holy books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and those other religions I know nothing about. I never thought I'd have to defend the writers of the Old and New Testament, who frame all of life from Genesis to Revelation within the context of male and female, where God's relationship with Israel and Jesus Christ's with the church are expressed in bridegroom and bride imagery. There is zero tolerance for homosexual behavior in the Bible and the Koran (along with adultery, fornication, abandoning family, stealing, coveting, greed, etc). Christians, Jews and Muslims are being or will be denied their freedom to worship with laws on the books defining scripture as hate speech, and castigating people who have an opinion that fits in the majority of Americans, and then ridiculed and thrown out of their job (competitions) for expressing their beliefs. We are all being denied our First Amendment rights if we fall for this. It won't stop with an enhanced blond bouncing in a skimpy bikini, it won't even stop with teachers or preachers in their own churches using coded terminology. This isn't about marriage and never was. There are laws on the books to protect the 1% of the population that want to have same sex partners. If they were serious, they'd put their partner's name on the checking account, or on the investments, or on the house deed, or the insurance policy, or include them in their will, or give them power-of-attorney.

"Perez Hilton," the man who took the name of a quasi-famous woman to grab attention on the internet for his gossip column, is too low for words. And Donald Trump who owns the Pageant, if he falls for this scam, is under him.

Update: When I was walking on the OSU campus today (May 12), I saw three co-eds in the same semi-nude poses with which some tried to smear Prejean's reputation--lying in the grass east of Morril Tower.


mdoneil said...

Even Obama opposes same sex marriages.

But they can't attack Obama so they attack a young woman for speaking her mind.

Deb said...

"...But they can't attack Obama..."

They don't *dare* attack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Perez leads the domestic terrorists--pick one weak and vulnerable, batter her (she's not a protected species being a white, straight female) and make her an example so others will fear the power of this tiny minority.