Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama's war on health care

Or War on America, I'm beginning to think. One more sector of the economy falling into the trenches without a fight. I hope to have a doctor write from his perspective as a guest blogger. (Note: JB--hurry!) But just on a personal note, I learned today that a friend is now battling his fourth type of cancer--not a metastasis, but all four different. Obamacare, or to-the-bone care, will never help those dear people. It will be triage, wait and ration care. There will be no debate; it will be flown through Congress, past Fancy Nancy faster than you can say botox, much faster than Air Force One flying past the Statue of Liberty. You just have to hope that he doesn't decide that each American can only have one cancer and that no one over 70 should get anything so there is enough rationed care to go around. Good luck, Democrat Baby Boomers who voted for this mess! Think of it this way, with only 2% of our fuel needs currently met by alternatives like wind and solar, you would have frozen to death anyway. The heating up green movement can dovetail nicely with the healthcare meltdown.

"A recent study by the Lewin Group estimates that almost 120 million Americans could be forced from employer-based coverage into government-run insurance by the kind of two-step strategy the Democrats envision. Americans with stable job-based insurance do not know this is what Democrats have in store for them, and they will not be happy about it. Last year the Kaiser Family Foundation found that well over 80 percent of insured Americans rated their health insurance as excellent or good." Stop ObamaCare.

How ObamaCare will Affect Your Doctor


Susan said...

This is one of the most alarming things. We knew the Dems wanted govt. to do everything, but this gang wants to control and ration and limit every single sector of our lives. At least they can't mess with my private prayer life...YET...

Norma said...

Good to have you back!