Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris over Adam

Idol isn't a show I follow--but you can't open your on-line page or a newspaper without seeing that Kris won. I mean, this is terribly important to millions of Americans, and maybe Europeans too. It's certainly more important than the War on the Economy, which no one seems to care about except people losing their livelihood. This is the gladiator game put on for the public to keep them happy and thinking they are voting about something. Something that matters. Like no performer was ever able to make it before this type of prearranged showcasing.

Anyway, I've never heard either one of them sing, but seeing the photos, I think I would have gone for Kris. I don't mind make-up--eyeshadow, lip rouge, etc.--and earrings and tight leather on the girls--but on the boys, it's just a bit too carnal.


Anonymous said...

Its also a good way to get more hits on your blog even by mentioning it. If you don't care don't comment

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This guy has no authority to comment.

Norma said...

My blog. I get to make the rules.

mdoneil said...

Apparently there is some sort of backlash as one is gay and apparently the gay gentleman didn't win so it is of course discrimination. At least that is what I heard over the cube walls today at the office.

I don't watch the show. In fact I have only one small 13" TV these days as I got rid of the others as cable was expensive and there was very little worth watching.