Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama at Notre Dame

Actually, if I were a student or faculty member there, I just wouldn't attend. Marching around seems a bit disrespectful to the Office of the President. And that would be last time they'd see a dollar from me during the annual alumni funds drive. Each time the U. of I. hits me up for money, I write a note on the card, "Not until you get rid of terrorist Bill Ayres," and mail it back in the envelope.

Support an honorary degree? For what? After all, he believes it is OK to stab an unborn baby in the skull and suck out her brain so that she can be technically born dead before the rest of the body emerges. No other President that I know of has ever held such a radical, inhumane view, and very, very few American law makers are feministas to that extreme. Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic institution, a church that has always protected the unborn, the sick and diseased, the aging, the mentally challenged and ill. They've lost their marbles or dropped their rosary on this one.

However, when liberals, Democrats, progressives and anarchists demonstrate on campuses, traditionally nothing happens to them. Instead, the speaker usually goes home, or is shouted down or is removed for his own safety. Perhaps I just haven't found the right source but I'm trying to find links to the pre-emptive arrests for the various Bush protests. Was it Cindy when she was camping out on his private property? Or maybe the Code Pink Chorus line dancing outside the hospital when he was visiting wounded war veterans? There are records of people getting arrested at the actual event because I'm sure that's a real crowd control and safety problem. But the people at Notre Dame are getting arrested and harassed two weeks in advance when the President wasn't even there.
    "Former Illinois U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes and 21 other protesters were arrested this morning [May 8] when they refused to leave the Notre Dame campus during a protest of President Obama's upcoming commencement address there, authorities said.

    "Former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes and 17 others have been arrested [May 14] after marching on to the University of Notre Dame campus to protest President Obama's commencement speech Sunday."

    “On May 1, anti-abortion activist Randall Terry and another man were arrested on campus while pushing strollers containing dolls covered in fake blood.

    On May 8, Keyes and 21 others, many of them pushing strollers containing dolls covered in fake blood, were arrested.”

    “[On May 15] About 35 people, many of them carrying anti-abortion signs, were standing on the four corners outside the school's front gate shortly before noon when a group of about 40 people led by Keyes and Terry marched up. . . After speaking, Keyes then led a smaller group onto campus. They made it about 100 yards on campus before they were stopped by campus security. Keyes was taken into custody immediately, and the others were told to leave or they would be arrested.”
Librarians, who are very brave, bold, and politically left, protested Laura Bush, a former librarian, who gave a speech at the American Library Association. I don't remember if anyone called in the cops on them. Laura and George Bush are class acts. So different from that noisy, hyper-belligerent gang of thugs in charge of the country now.


mdoneil said...

Everybody went nuts when Bush went to Bob Jones University (which I drove through last week as I had time to kill before a flight out of GSP). I guess they thought he was going to be more conservative.

We can pray that Obama may actually learn something when he goes to visit the school named after the Our Lady, the Mother of God. If anyone can change his view on abortion the Blessed Mother certainly can.

Norma said...

You make a good point Matthew--I used it in prayer time this morning in praying for the President--that he would be changed by this experience and open his heart to the unborn.

Scott said...

You are right on with your post. I don't know how any rational human being can support the barbaric act of partial-birth abortion but yet be "morally outraged" over the waterboarding of terrorists. But then again, I don't consider Barack Hussein Obama to be a rational human being.