Thursday, December 15, 2016

After a few minutes, I hit the mute button

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"SHEPARD SMITH currently serves as the chief news anchor and managing editor for the network's breaking news division. Additionally, he is the anchor of Shepard Smith Reporting (weekdays 3-4PM/ET)."

I'm listening to Shep on Fox (leftist with his own "news" show--heavily opinion, however). He's blaming Putin for the crisis in Aleppo and Syria. Short memory. The U.S. supported the rebels after the much glorified Arab Spring; our leaderless presidency stood by helplessly and did nothing after our interference backfired. Putin stepped into a vacuum created by Obama. ISIS, which Obama helped create with his sloppy pull out from Iraq, is also involved.

I do think we should take in some Syrian refugees--at least the Christians--because we helped break the country. Readjusting to a new home and culture is extremely difficult. 83% of Americans identify as Christian, and 1% as Muslims. Muslims are killing Muslims of different sects in Syria, but they are all killing Christians.

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