Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Democrats continue to destabilize our government

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Eat your words, Senator Warren. In mid-October, all prominent Democrats--Clinton and Obama included-- were ridiculing Trump for his suspicions of a rigged election and calling for accountability from losers. But now, the worm has turned, and they have nothing but slander, slurs, gripes and whines to add to the usual tired charges of racist, homophobe, sexist, etc. They need to get down to work and find programs and policies that work that don't involve more mandates, more regulations and more taxes. The moles in their organization that leaked their secret animus for Bernie and working people have probably left the building. You don't need a clever Russian to hack a G-Mail account that wasn't secure.

So far, only the Democrats, not the Russians, have tried to screw up our presidential election. Electors are being threatened, recounts are revealing some serious mischief in Democrat controlled counties in Detroit, collusion between the Democrats and our "free" press is at an all time high, calls for undoing the electoral college vote after the fact, and tons of fake news about Russia in an attempt to destabilize our government.

I'm still waiting to find a report of a Democrat who left Clinton's side because of Podesta's e-mails showing the Democrats true feelings. I guess it was all expected in politics, also the other candidate wasn't appealing.

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