Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Be on the look out for dirty tricks

It might be time for some columnists and talk show hosts to stop dancing in the streets over Trump's win. The party that found the right to kill unborn children in the Constitution and passed a law requiring citizens to purchase a product or go to jail is finding all sorts of ways to get around the Electoral College, which is indeed in the Constitution. Everything from threatening electors, to publishing their private information so they can be mob-bullied, to demanding recounts for the 1% winner, to telling electors to vote for other candidates to deny Trump the 270, to creating state laws to ignore the Electoral College. I hope someone is minding the store during the party because these guys (DNC/Clintons) are experts at deception, death, and deceit.

Hillary Clinton got more popular votes than Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries, but he won the primary contest.  Hillary Clinton a higher percentage of the popular votes in 2012 than her husband did in 1992, and he only won because Ross Perot pulled votes from George H.W. Bush. Now since I voted for Clinton in that election, I thought it was just fine that Republicans who supported Perot had thrown a monkey wrench into Bush's second term.  Jill Stein pulled votes from Hillary Clinton in all the close races that Trump won. Now she's raising more money than she did in her entire campaign for a "recount," which is just a way to keep people riled up about the electoral vote. Without it, we're a bi-coastal country, with nothing in the middle.

I remember 2012 election night. I could hardly believe it. How could Romney NOT win? In a day or two I was over it. My hopes were dashed during the primaries as I saw the strongest Republican bench in decades go down in flames and at the end I was a Cruz supporter. I didn't mourn, cut my hair, stop wearing make-up, unfriend family, refuse to share holidays with friends, or say nasty things about decent, good people who had voted for Obama in 2012 or Trump in the primaries. What's wrong with these people?

Here's a message from Ogle County, Illinois for the coastal elites who sneer at flyover country because they voted for Trump. The author lives in Rochelle and is a radio host.

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