Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Do the Democrats want to stage a coup and destroy the republic?

Democrats don't want an investigation for the truth, they want to convince the Electors to lose faith in the election and "vote their conscience." They want them all (or just enough to throw the election) to be "faithless"--to violate what they've pledged to do--vote for their party's choice.
There is no evidence that the Russians leaked Podesta's e-mails (a G-Mail account is not secure for anyone--what was he thinking?), or that any Clinton supporters left her for that reason. There's also no evidence that it wasn't an inside job. . .but that's what Julian Assange says. And there was no sign the Democrats wanted this so-called interference investigated last fall when it first came up.  In October, the Democrats and their lapdog media friends were ridiculing the idea that an outside power could affect a U.S. election. Will the electors be given that information or just the version the Washington Post made up (aka fake news). 
Democrats just can't accept that she ignored millions of voters, called Americans names, sneered at their values, and they didn't turn out for her as they did for Obama. But they really turned out for her in Detroit--more ballots than voters! Where's that investigation? Trump was speaking at 5-6 rallies a day to huge crowds--and she could barely field enough interest for a basketball game and only a few times a week.  He was talking to the press ($2 billion free publicity) and she was hiding and resting.
 These trouble makers may be the biggest threat to our country ever--and it's not from the Russians. It's Democrats who can't accept the results. They want the popular vote which is not constitutional and they continue to sow seeds of doubt.  It's OK not to like the elected person--I didn't like Obama--but it's not OK to try to undo the election results.
Did they try this nonsense in 2008 when Clinton got the popular vote in the Democrat primaries?


Anonymous said...

The absolute craziness with the democrats is the lengths they will go to attempt to get this election overthrown: Jill Stein recounts (what a joke), death threats to electors, educating electors that the "real reason" they exist is to prevent someone unqualified becoming president. And throw in fake news. Can you just imagine the chaos if these people actually would succeed? Therein truly lies the end of the country - forget a bomb. And my husband is worried about an assassination. Have you thought about that?

One lament I read on FB from a lib is how her world will come crashing down: Constitution ripped to shreds (I guess having Constitutional scholars who will adhere to the Constitution is a horrible outcome). And we will soon be embroiled in a nuclear war. No transgender bathrooms, etc. She is beyond terrified. Get a grip people.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am getting paranoid--or already there. However, my case of paranoia is minuscule compared to that of the dems.