Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kevin's movie countdown

Before I start snapping green beans and creating a glaze for the ham for our Christmas dinner, I tuned into Fox and Friends for its happy clappy Christmas stories and songs. Great stories about blankets for rescue dogs and a little boy who has many seizures and hour—but parents can’t work or they would lose his Medicaid. Then a song about Santa Claus by a Girl Scout choir, and the feel good reunions about military people home for a few days and reunions with family.

Kevin McCarthy was on to talk about his five favorite Christmas movies—but he was skyping from the home of his in-laws neighbors who had a wireless connection, and his wife’s parents didn’t! Since he’s sort of a nerd who’s on TV a lot, you’d think Fox would take care of that for him.

#5 Christmas story*
#4 Love actually
#3 Nightmare before Christmas
#2 It’s a wonderful life*
#1 Home alone*

I’ve seen three* of the five—not too bad since we rarely go to movies. Love actually sounds pretty good from his review.  Maybe I'll have to check with my daughter to see if it is in MASSIVE and HUGE collection of movies.

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