Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Electoral College has voted--Trump will be president

It got wild the last few days, didn't it?  Wasn't sure the Electoral College system for protection against mobs and cabals was going to work.

I saw this clip several times. . . "This is my America," a 40-ish woman kept screaming giving the Hitler salute (what it is called when Republicans raise the fist) when the electors did the legal and moral thing--respected the voters of Wisconsin. I'm guessing that will go viral. Hope her mother wasn't watching. Or her kids. Not sure why she thought her one vote mattered more than all the rest of the Wisconsin voters.

The Left is really ramping up the Russia paranoia.  The Democrats are getting all prissy about Russia without knowing how the Russians will respond to strong leadership by our country. I would have guessed Putin would have preferred Clinton--it's been proven she can be bought.  Trump is probably too rich.  Obama seems to like Cuba and Iran--any others?


As a blogger, I get the strangest offers and announcements. "To many the election of Donald Trump brought confusion and despair, but it also roused new energies of political engagement. Convinced of the power of poetry to shape the way we understand and intervene in political life, Boston Review is proud to announce the publication of "Poems for Political Disaster." Sweet. So if you've been writing poetry in your safe space, here's a place to send them.

"Thirty percent of Democratic women reported cutting off online communication with someone for political reasons since the Nov. 8 election, according to a Public Religion Research Institute poll published Monday. They are more than twice as likely to blot out dissenting points of view from their social media timelines as Democratic men, who reported doing so at a 14 percent rate." Washington Times, Dec. 19, 2016.  Of course, if they've blocked me, they can't see this. My female Democrat relatives beat the rush--blocked me in 2015. I don't mind dissenting viewpoints, but it really bothers the soul of some people. Of course, I was a Democrat for forty years and understand the mindset.

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Anonymous said...

Hopeless was when Obama was president. I feel hope now. Jill