Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Never ending battle with books

 I wish my culinary skills matched my kitchen bookshelves. Yesterday we had our entry and kitchen floors cleaned (thanks to our son who made the arrangements), so the furniture had to be moved. I was able to remove maybe 7" of things I didn't need, and rearranged it all when we put it back. I just counted the cookbooks--33 of them--from hard bound, spiral bound, church ladies, and Upper Arlington Public Library Christmas collections, plus the little box of recipes from my mother, all the clippings from the Columbus Dispatch and printouts from internet recipe sites I keep in a folder. I need to entertain more, because it's really difficult to cull the culinary shelf.

My latest purchase for $2.00 at Marc's that won't be used--Taste of Home 2011 Collection--recipes are too esoteric and difficult. But I do like to look at the photos.

We are hosting both Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner; our son is donating the ham and bringing the wine, and our daughter will be contributing a sugar free pie. I have two sets of Christmas dishes to choose from.  Now to figure out the rest of the story.

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