Friday, December 23, 2016

The Christmas sweater--almost

I almost had a beautiful, new white fluffy sweater for the holiday season. On one of his daily walks my husband thought he was picking up trash as he does on these walks, and he found a sweater and sports bra, both with all the tags attached. The sweater was about $100 and the bra $28. The next day he found the sack, all torn up. They were from Victoria’s Secret, (Madewell brand, also available at Nordstrom's) so we have no idea if they were thrown out a window by a passing car, or left somewhere and a dog dragged them into the ravine. Only one sleeve was damp on the sweater (there was snow on the ground), and it was my size, so after I advertised it on Facebook and got no response from my local friends who might have been driving on Kenny Road, I washed it on gentle and air dried it. It was unbelievably soft and luxurious. Although it was a “small”, it was sort of baggy and loose with little white “snowballs” attached. The bra had "Victoria Sport" printed across it and was so small it probably wouldn’t make it around one of my thighs. How do people wear those torture garments that cut off circulation? Anyway, the softness must have been created by short threads woven into the yarn, because this sweater fuzzed all over everything. I didn’t dare sit on our dark couch, and my dark slacks looked like I’d been in a snow storm. So it will go to the clothing donation box.

Clipped from a Nordstrom ad.  I wouldn't wear it with jeans.

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