Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016 recap

We served communion at UALC Lytham 10:30 service--really a good crowd--great sermon by Jeff Morlock and then home to prepare dinner. While things bubbled and cooked, the family was enjoying "A Christmas Story" in the living room.  They've all seen it so many times, they were speaking the lines. I put out some snacks in the kitchen, like the Harry and David box Rick and Kate sent of cookies, popcorn and candy, some crackers and cream cheese, plus a new cereal I found--Rice Chex with dark chocolate mixed in which makes a nice snack.

 It was probably the largest ham I've ever fixed. Phil donated it. I did find the right glaze recipe by checking my blog when I couldn't find one.  Just real maple syrup with about a generous teaspoon of mustard.  I basted it about 3 times, but it was so large, Phoebe had to help, and Mark had to lift it out of the oven.  The the rest of dinner was potato salad, tossed salad, vegetable casserole, green beans, sugar free apple pie, home made pickles from my Mom's recipe, olives, garlic bread, corn muffins, and wine using my gingerbread boy plates.  I won't do that vegetable casserole again--although everyone tried it, there was a lot left over and no one offered to take any home.  We have so much ham left over, it will take months to use it up--even after sending half of it plus the bone home with Phoebe (we're hoping for some of her delicious bean soup for cold January nights).

We received so many nice gifts.  Big surprise for me was a necklace I wasn't expecting.  We got gift cards to our favorite Friday night date spot Rusty Bucket, my favorite brand of Merle Norman foundation and a lovely Coach leather clutch bag which can be used with a strap. I don't like big, bulky bags, but this is just the perfect size.  I got a lovely, cozy robe, and subscription to my favorite magazine and a book from my TBR list;  Bob got a huge umbrella since he claims he gets wet under these lady types and his box of goodies for watching bowl games. He got two books, one as a trial for a new mystery series, plus Megan Kelly's new bio and YakTraxs for walking in the winter plus a knit facial ski mask.  The Levi's I got him fit well, he's already using the new billfold, but the hat has to go back to Kohl's.  We both got underwear, but we deserved it.

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Merry Christmas 2016, same hair style I had in 1946

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