Friday, December 23, 2016

Brief history of the Christmas creche

At our church we have a display of nativity scenes/creches from all over the world representing all cultures and ethnicities, arranged from the collection of David and Donna Hahm. Donna is a member of Friends of the Creche and in 2007 with the help of our church's Visual Arts Ministry brought the biennial show to Columbus/Dublin.

"The first-ever Nativity scene recorded in history was created by St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was concerned that the meaning of Christmas was becoming lost as most people were more focused with the ritual of gift giving them they were of the true message of Christmas.

Determined to remind people what Christmas is really about, he set about creating the world’s first known Nativity scene to help tell his people of The Nativity Story. It was created in a cave and near Greccio, Italy, and involved real people and animals, making it a living Nativity scene.

Life-Sized Nativity at UALC. #Fontanini #Lifesizenativity
This is a life size nativity display at our MillRun campus.

Today, nearly 800 years later, we still hear religious leaders echoing St. Francis’s words. The true message of Christmas is becoming lost; buried underneath layers of secular traditions. Yet at the same time, we also still see nativities everywhere come Christmas time." Read more at

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