Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Waste watcher--$139 Billion

$139 Billion. As a percentage of the total budget, I suppose that isn't huge, but when I think how we struggle to raise money for small projects, it's breath taking.  Or even big projects like crumbling neighborhoods.  That $139B could go a long way toward cleaning up water problems in aging cities to make them safer for children.
 "Some of the spending items detailed in the [waste] report include a Pentagon Task Force that spent $150 million on lavish, rented villas in Afghanistan with flat-screen TVs in each room; $356 million on a computer system that does not work; $34 million spent by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to introduce Afghans to soybeans; and $47,530 on “elegant” bicycle shelters for the National Institutes of Health." (CNS)
Trump is a business man (definitely not a politician), so we'll see if he can cut any of this theft in office by bureaucrats, or if he'll have to play the game. 

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