Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ready for dinner, tonight and tomorrow

We're having a casual Christmas Eve dinner before church. So I decided to set the table in the kitchen and then also set the table in the dining room for tomorrow. It will be a little cramped, but I can put all the food on the counter.  I have two sets of Christmas dishes and am using them both.  Unfortunately, they don't have serving pieces, so I have to do a work around. This Paul McCobb mid-century modern set was our original dining room table (has 2 leaves) with a matching china cabinet, and we purchased it in 1964 when we had a very small dining room (house on White St. in Champaign, IL). The house originally had a very large dining room, and we built a wall down the middle to make two rooms.  When I say "we," you know who did the work. In the mid-90s this set resided for awhile in our daughter's home until she bought a dining room set.  Recently I checked on buying two additional chairs thinking I'd move it back to the dining room, but it appears it is now the most expensive furniture in the house.  Two additional chairs would be about $3,000. All the tree lights, inside and out, are ready.

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Paula said...

How lovely. Merry Christmas, Norma!