Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We need more bullying PSAs

Ash Khare, immigrant from India, is an elector for Pennsylvania. He reported (on Fox) that he was getting 70,000 emails a day, 500 phone calls a day, and 1,000-1,300 letters a day, every day from people demanding, begging, bullying, pleading that he change his vote. When he got back from voting, he had 11,000 more emails waiting. He said, our name is not America, it is the United States of America, and the founders were very wise to set up a system where all the states can be represented. Their wisdom was certainly proved this year.

And how about harassing a blind singer so he won't perform at the inauguration. Andrea Bocelli, Italian born opera singer. These are certainly open minded, thoughtful people, aren't they?  Always concerned that the immigrant and the disabled be properly and fairly treated.


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