Monday, February 25, 2019

A recent Republican has been surprised

Heard a black woman, about 60, on the radio this morning. She said no one better give her flak about wearing her MAGA hat. She said Trump was the first Republican she'd ever voted for because the Democrats had made so many promises they couldn’t or wouldn’t keep.  She was just furious and disgusted with the Republicans in Congress. I know, I know. When I changed parties in 2000 I just could not believe the spaghetti spines among the Republican "leaders." Things haven't changed much. Trump stirred a hornets' nest in both parties by shaking up the Washington DC games, but Republicans have never had much stick 'em their bond. John McCain defeated the efforts to repeal Obamacare, one the major reasons Trump was elected. Trump had not been kind to him, and he never forgot it. He put his anger and animosity ahead of his concern for the American people. Democrats did the happy dance. It's amazing what Trump has been able to accomplish without help from his party.

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