Friday, February 01, 2019

Nutrition and mathemagic

Here's an excellent example of using nutrition fake research to influence politics--in this case, Brexit. Grocery bills could go up $3/week, thus killing possibly 12,000 people in the UK (highest estimate). Really? You mean someone might not be able to go to Starbucks in order to buy 3 apples and a bag of carrots? Do you know how many Brits spend their winters in Spain? It's a short flight. Gorgeous grocery stores there. I try to rely on good, peer reviewed sources, but BMJ (British Medical Journal,  failed us here with mathemagic.

Speaking of Spain, I saved $500 in less than a year by giving up my morning coffee at Panera’s in 2015; I saved another $500 by discontinuing coloring my hair. I saved $200 by changing credit cards (got one that gives cash back). Helped pay for our 2015 trip to Spain.  And yes, their grocery store produce is better than any I’ve seen in the U.S. and the airports are packed with retired Brits coming and going.

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