Tuesday, February 26, 2019

AOC filled a vacuum

Tucker Carlson made an interesting observation last night (don't know if it is original with him). For 2 years the Democrats have done nothing but scream impeach and jail the President, leaving a large hole where policy and plans ought to be. Alexandria Cortez jumped in with the "New Green Mess" to fill the vacuum and is dragging her party further to the left and candidates are scrambling to outdo her to get back control. From her posh DC kitchen (in a complex with no set-asides for poor and middle class) she released a video suggesting her generation stop having babies. It's just not fair (to Mother Earth?). Of course, the U.S. birth rate is already below replacement level. That's why we import illegals--so they can have babies who will grow up and support the social safety net, which is up 60% since the beginning of this century.

The baby she suggests you not conceive or abort, just might be the next scientist or politician who solves the climate mystery of why the climate has been changing for millions of years. He or she might be able to avoid the next ice age.

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Gene Bach said...

Pretty sad situation in general.