Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Democrats and socialism

When I see AOC's bright red lips I think about fossil fuel products used in lip stick and cosmetics. I think you can buy lipstick without petroleum products, but don't know if you can get that slick, wet, ready for sex look. Also chewing gum, perfume, contact lenses, guitar strings, deodorants and toothpaste. She might want to rethink that green deal if she wants to keep the female vote.  I don’t like people making fun of her eyes, however,  She might have Graves’ Disease.  I wonder if she’s had her thyroid checked.

Kamala Harris, daughter of 2 immigrants—one Jamaican the other Indian--both well educated and upper middle class, claims other American blacks can't succeed because of slavery. They'll need reparations. She's above all that, having received her leg up in politics from her married boyfriend, Willie Brown.

All the socialists running for president in the U.S. are asking for money from capitalist billionaires. Bernie had $6 million in a few hours. What's up? They'll never have to pay those confiscatory taxes the socialists want--that's what lawyers and accountants are for--and they want more regulations which will affect their competition--i.e. the socialists in the Democrat party will help kill off or slow down their competition. These are the same guys who regularly visited Barack Obama who did zip nada for the poor. Helping socialists is just the cost of doing business for the big boys.