Friday, February 15, 2019

El Paso Rally up close by someone who was there--Dionne

"I live in El Paso, TX - a "blue" city that is over 90% Hispanic population. I went to the rally on Monday. It was amazing. The line stretched literally over 2 miles (I know, I stood in it), people started showing up as early as 7 in the mornings even though it didn't start until 7pm; the venue was full to capacity- I produce live shows at the El Paso County Coliseum so I KNEW when I saw the crowd there was no way they would fit (Coliseum holds 8000; fire department squeezed in 10000). 30k+ watched outside on the Jumbo-tron in the Coliseum parking lots, and a bunch of people were turned away once the parking lot was full so they either went home to watch or stood out on the residential streets that were blocked off - I don't know, I couldn't see anything beyond the parking lot because there were too many people and I'm a shorty. (BTW, there WAS one larger indoor venue that would have been more suited for this and help more people....the University's Don Haskins Center...ask them why they didn't accommodate the President.) 

Anyway, 45k+ people - about 90% of them Hispanic - wearing MAGA hats. Also black, white, LGBTQ, military, even some peaceful mature democrats all in line braving the freezing wind, laughing joking , talking with each other, to see the President. No fighting, no meanness - not even to the few protesters (and I mean FEW--- we didn't really see any until AFTER the rally when we were coming out. I guess they waited until cover of darkness or were just irritated because of Beto's failed "Rally" down the street). Mexican, white, black, gay, young people, old people, military, law enforcement, men , women... all getting along and supporting each other with a shared pride and love of our country without a SINGLE Democratic leader around to "help us get along" or "protect us" from each other..*GASP!!* who'da thought? ? 

I didn't watch the news or the "Media's" version of the rally, but I'm sure it wasn't the picture I just painted. I cant blame them ---it's pretty embarrassing to show visual evidence that you are LOSING the city and demographic you thought you were in control of...I wouldn't show it either if I were them, or I'd definitely dirty it up with some fake stories, fake fights, and maybe only show pictures of the few WHITE people that were there (they made up maybe 5% of the entire crowd) so it would look like a KKK rally."

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