Friday, February 22, 2019

Let’s dump the hate crime category

I'd like to see the whole category of "hate crime" removed from the books. Assault, robbery, murder, mayhem and property crime ought to cover it. What if it's two guys fighting over a girl or a motor cycle and their ethnicities are different--someone's going to determine their mind set and decide it's race and not love?

The video of a white liberal attacking a white conservative on a college campus that's in the news today probably doesn't qualify because both are white males. With intersectionality and trans this and that, it's gotten ridiculous. And it appears to be OK to attack anyone wearing a MAGA hat, even a kid. What if a 1/2 black lesbian who wears a MAGA hat while campaigning for Trump attacks a privileged white Hispanic male who is transitioning so he can be on the girls' track team?

Even the stats about hate crimes being on the increase is questionable (aka fake) since many more law enforcement agencies are reporting who didn't in the past. Plus, of those reported, 50% of the offenders were white and over 25% were black, which are not the demographic make up of the country, and it's not reported when the MSM start giving us that preachy, holier than thou sermon they pass off as news these days.