Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Translating the Bible into Kikerewe

Americans are rich in God's Word. From where I'm sitting in my office I can see 11 Bibles, including my grandmother's, one in Spanish, one in Russian, and a Tyndale which pre-dates the King James. But many people still don't have the Bible in their language. "Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria is home to 100,000 people, mostly fisherfolk. It is remote. It is difficult to get there. There are churches planted, but growth is minimal. Many Kerewe people do not understand Swahili, the national language most often used for preaching and worship. In fact, many are not in church because the Bible is not in their language." But things are about to change. Lutheran Bible Translators are there and they now have one book in Kikerewe, the language of their heart. We support this ministry (as does our church) and love hearing how God's word is changing lives.

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