Friday, February 01, 2019

Democrats don't share the values of immigrants and refugees

Why are Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer so determined to go back on their word about the Wall? Why are they now failing native born Americans--especially blacks? The 2020 election. In raw numbers, Pew Research projected 32 million Hispanics will be eligible to vote in 2020, compared with 30 million blacks. Hispanics now outnumber blacks and the attention they get from Democrats show that. The population of Asians eligible to vote will reach an estimated 11 million in 2020, which is more than double the 5 million who were eligible to vote in 2000, accounting for 5% of next year’s electorate.
So Democrats will grovel, lie and smear to suck in Hispanics which are from dozens of countries and they are primarily white. The Anti-Wall hysteria, not the pro-Wall common sense is the new racism--on the part of Democrats. Don't let that happen. Sanctuary cities are hot beds of crime for illegal crime syndicates. Democrats want to destroy the family values of Mexicans, Ecuadoreans, Venezuelans, Hondurans, etc. values that include religion, children, strong work ethic--all the reasons they came here, legally or illegally.
Millions more Africans came to the U.S. as legal immigrants in two decades than the 300,000 who came as slaves in 300 years. Many are Muslims--their family values and their experience with oppressive governments should make them Republicans, not Democrats. Africans have little in common except skin color with native born black Americans--not even President Obama had any roots in that period of history.

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Norma said...

David: When teaching for one year as I did not long ago at Mifflin High School, as a "retirement job," and teaching ESL students exclusively, the primary prejudice and discrimination going on there was against newly-arrived mostly Somalis, and some Ethiopians, who were black African by birth, by the 95%-majority African-American students attending there. Not all of them, of course, who were doing it. Bullying, name-calling, it was all there.