Thursday, February 14, 2019

For those who have family with mental health issues

This young lady is the daughter of a friend.  Not sure of her age, but she’s about 19-20. I spent some time with her about 7 years ago when she was in middle school—such a sweet, beautiful child.  We have been praying for her and her mother. Recently she had some serious problems, and today posted this:

“Hi all, I just thought I would share with you what 2019 has held for me so far. I’ve been through some stuff I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. I’ll start with my most recent “adventure”. I’ve struggled with mental health issues for just about as long as I can remember, whether it be anxiety, depression or Bipolar 1. These past 9 days I was hospitalized due to these issues and I would like to share my experience in hopes to help anyone going through something similar.

I was at the lowest of the low. I was unstable, depressed, hopeless, dissociated, anxious you name it. I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t eating. I lost 20 pounds in the past month or so. Even though I have a strong support system, I had never felt so alone. I couldn’t describe in words how awful that feeling was.

The first night I was there, I wished that I wasn’t alive. I wished that I had never been born. I wished I could fall asleep and never wake up. Looking back now, I want to tell myself that everything was going to get better with each passing day.

I met some incredible people during my stay in which I hope to keep in touch with for the rest of my days. Hearing people talk about their experiences and being able to relate with you and talk through your problems, is the most amazing way to start your healing process. I cried with them, I laughed with them, but most importantly they taught me that having mental health issues is okay. They taught me so many valuable skills and lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life. During any future struggles I may have, everything I’ve learned from them will help me come out stronger than before.

Through this experience, I’ve learned not to be ashamed or embarrassed. I’ve talked about my problems, which is totally not my style, but it’s helped immensely. I’m happier, I’m healthier and I have a whole new, positive, outlook on life. I will continue to better myself day by day.

I thought I had no way out. It felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Some of you may be able to relate in your own ways, some of you may not and that’s perfectly okay.  . .

Thank you to my Family, Friends and everyone else who has supported me through my struggles. I appreciate it so very much and I don’t know what I would do without you!”

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