Monday, February 04, 2019

Racism and Democrats

The Democrats have dumbed down racism. Instead of job or housing discrimination, instead of Jim Crow and KKK hoods (which were their methods 70 years ago), Democrats claim the problem is MAGA hats. Instead of "separate but equal" schools, the Democrats now tell kids they can't succeed unless government gives them extra boosts. Democrats now claim it's our President saying there are good and bad people on both sides of an issue, something MLK or Gandhi would have said. They say it's restricting visas for groups of people the former president had warned us about because of chaos in their countries. That racism is declaring that the United States has borders worth protecting. Democrats who voted for The Wall are now saying the wall is racist. Democrats who voted for $20 billion for the wall, now say not a dime. Some are so ridiculous they even say not hiring a failed football player is racist. But strangest and most delusional of all are those Democrats claiming a 35 year old photo of someone in black face is more racist than taking the lives of black babies.

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