Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kamala Harris and Donald Trump are both children of immigrants

Have you ever looked up Kamala Harris' ethnicity? Some second generation Americans (parents were immigrants) turn on the very people who welcomed their parents. And she's also lived in Canada after her parents divorced. These figures were for Sept. 2018.
 "Approximately 12 percent of members of Congress are immigrants or children of immigrants. There are 12 foreign-born members, of which only one is Republican. Democrats account for 39 of the 53 members of Congress with at least one immigrant parent. First- or second-generation immigrants represent 23 states, with California having the most, and they come from various regions throughout the world. Over the course of American history, there have been 413 foreign-born Americans that have served in Congress, out of 12,000 total. For this reason, the debate over America’s immigration laws is deeply personal for some members." 
If immigration is deeply personal why do some want no borders for the country of their birth?…
Our president is also the son of an immigrant--and he seems grateful to be an American. Why do our media continue to conflate those who come illegally and those who have to follow the very difficult challenges to be a legal immigrant?

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