Sunday, January 20, 2019

Actually, none of us can survive without help at any age

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“Every strong woman was once a helpless child.”

And we still are.  That part of our humanity doesn’t change, there are just degrees.  I don’t grow my own food or make my own clothes or drive a van that I put together. I’m much more helpless than my Ohio great great grandmothers who could manage chickens, gardens and trim a lamp wick and help the neighbors birth the babies.

The issue is life, not helplessness. At both ends of the spectrum.  I chatted with my friend Rosalie at the grocery store on Thursday who is the care giver for her 90 year old husband who can’t leave the house, or even the floor he is living on. His mind is good, but his body has failed him.  Take care—they may be after the unborn now, but they are also going after the ones who can’t fight back.

Watch out for POLST.  POLST is spreading rapidly across the United States as a result of a concerted campaign by euthanasia advocacy groups, including Open Society (George Soros).

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