Thursday, January 31, 2019

Who’s the racist; is the Wall racist?

The President is accused of being a racist by his enemies because of the travel ban for groups originally targeted by Obama and the Wall, which several years ago Democrats agreed to fund and high profile Democrats like Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer are on video strongly advocating for it.

Neither Muslims or Mexicans are a race--one is a world wide multi-ethnic religion, the other a nation of multi-ethnic people who speak a European language--Spanish--and are 60% white. The U.S. is 70%. There are also many middle-easterners and Asians coming in through our porous southern border, especially where there is no wall/barrier/fence. If they would vote Republican, that original 20 billion the Dems approved would be there tomorrow.

The Democrats continue to demonize people as racist, ignoring the KKK in their closets and roots. They are eying 2020 and have nothing for the nation but old, failed socialist policies like higher taxes and freebies.  Now they've declared a red hat, a slogan, obscure words, teen-age boys, Catholics, and all of Western Civilization racist. They've examined every idiomatic expression for dog whistles and racism, from “rule of thumb” to “union of man and woman” to pronouns,  to the names of sports teams. 

National Socialism, aka Nazi, is extreme statism, when a government takes control of a business or sector of the economy to benefit the state, like health care, education, etc. Hitler didn’t just target Jews, he  also killed the disabled, gypsies, Christians, Poles, etc.--who were absolutely no danger to him. As far as dividing us--that began in Academe, with now massive, bloated departments devoted to "diversity," aka division. Hitler learned the attacks against Jews from the Turks who used it on Christians, and eugenics from Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. But it was the Communists of USSR, China and Cambodia who really grew mass human destruction (although not as many as legal abortion), but because it is a form of socialism which the Leftists admire, they can only mention Hitler in their tirades against Trump.

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