Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Churches are easy targets

For the past half year, I’ve noticed armed policemen in the lobbies of both Mill Run and Lytham Road locations of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church on Sunday morning and at special events.  Today our on-line news announced:

“UALC is pleased to announce that our plain clothes security teams will be trained and in place at both the Lytham Road And Mill Run campuses on January 27. We are thankful for the assistance that we have received from the uniformed officers while we were building and training our teams. We will still use uniformed officers during our larger events but will be moving to a more subdued security presence at our Sunday services. Our teams will consist of armed and unarmed volunteers who have been carefully selected and vetted. They will be trained to respond to all security and safety issues that may occur at our buildings.”

A sign of the times.  Sadly.

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