Wednesday, January 30, 2019

And now Virginia falls

BREAKING: Another radical abortion bill was introduced, this time in Virginia, allowing abortion UP TO THE VERY SECOND OF BIRTH. Extremist groups are descending upon state capitols each day, hell-bent on destroying precious human life. It's up to all of us to show up at our state capitols to stop them!

A lot of sick people out there.  There is NEVER a medical reason to kill a child while mother is in her final month.  This is not maternal health, or women’s reproductive rights—it’s an attempt to kill all respect for human life, to dehumanize the entire nation, to destroy families.  Infants will be next; then toddlers.  They are already after the disabled and elderly in about 25 states.

Why now?  Conservatives and the pro-life movement for the last 47 years have been saying abortion was a state’s rights issue and have organized to unravel the very bad law called Roe v. Wade.  Even far leftist pro-aborts have admitted it is a weak, poorly sourced law.  Now they are terrified of a conservative court and the absence of RBG on the court is energizing the radicals, calling a murder in the 9th month a mother’s right to abortion.  God will not be ridiculed.

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Norma said...

As it turns out, Kathy Tran, the woman who introduced the bill is a Vietnamese refugee, having been brought to this country as a baby--and she almost died. Now she wants others to die?