Thursday, January 31, 2019

When will Democrats say “That’s Enough!” guest blogger Joan Shaw Turrentine

At what point will the sane folks (yes, there are some!) who have identified as "Democrat" for years realize that their party is gone? At what point will they finally say, "That's enough. I can't stand by and watch one generation decide to trash the whole structure of this once-great country. It's not rational (and is incredibly arrogant) to imagine that a few politicians of our day are smarter than all the brilliant minds that conceived this country and all the great statesmen who nurtured it through many generations into being the greatest country in the world. I can't pretend any longer that it is fine to kill someone else because they are inconvenient for me. What can possibly be gained by allowing the government to make all important decisions for citizens thereby permanently infantilizing them?" Surely there's a point at which this realization will hit! I don't imagine that my thoughts here will have any impact on anyone else; I certainly don't expect any of those mentioned above to suddenly have an epiphany because of my expression of my thoughts/feelings here. If you are one of those, don't imagine that any rebuttal you might write here will have any influence on me, either. Just unfriend me and go on about your business. I'm fine with that. At some point thinking people have to express thoughts even when they know they'll be dismissed. I reached that point today.

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Norma said...

Joan is a blogging friend going back to 2003, and she originally wrote this for Facebook. She is a retired English teacher, wife of a Methodist Pastor, mother and grandmother. I've enjoyed watching her family grow up and become wonderful adults.