Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Why in this day of gender and racial dysphoria does it matter?

Why does it matter if Nathan Phillips says he's a Native American, or a VietNam vet, or if he has lost most of his teeth, or acted in films as an Indian? Why can't African Americans be a lost tribe of Israel and preach hate for gays just because they are black and protected by race? The very media who have created Phillip's fame, also tell us men can be women if they think they are and compete in their athletic events. They tell us if you don't accept a violation of your religious beliefs about marriage you're a hater and shouldn't teach at their school or buy cupcakes at their bakery.

Today, it's all about who you THINK you are. One of the newest socialists in Congress says she's a "woman of color" because she has a Spanish (from a country in Europe the last I looked) surname.

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